21 An IT company from Belarus wants to move to Lithuania, Minister of Economy and Innovation Rimantas Sinkevičius said at a meeting of the Lithuanian government, where they considered a plan to help the people of Belarus.

According to the minister, 21 Belarusian IT companies approached his department: enterprises are interested in the possibility of moving to Lithuania. About half of them are large and ready to relocate, but it is difficult for them to open an office in the Baltic country due to the policy of banks that are in no hurry to open accounts.

The Minister to adopt amendments to laws that would make it easier for foreign legal entities to open accounts in Lithuanian banks.

Minister of the Interior Rita Tamasunienė also said that together with the Bank of Lithuania and other agencies, work is underway on the necessary decisions.

“Together with the Department of Migration, we are already proposing solutions on how to simplify the conditions for issuing national visas, together with the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor, we are looking for solutions to refuse the labor test, assess some qualification points, and also the possibility of applying for a visa remotely,” — quotes the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tut.by.

In addition, the Lithuanian government is ready to establish 100 state scholarships for the education of Belarusian students in Lithuanian universities, allocate 200 thousand euros to support the European Humanities University (EHU) and allocate 100 thousand euros for medical and rehabilitation services for people affected by repressions.

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