The head of the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers, Krisjanis Karins, called on banks not to avoid risks, but to manage them, reports

Go to Development: Prime Minister of Latvia Urged Banks Not to Look For “Dirty Money” in Everything; According to him, Latvian credit institutions should stop seeing “black money” in everything and move on to development. “Anyone should be able to open a bank account,” the prime minister said.

Karins noted that many bank owners have an ingrained opinion that money laundering is taking place in the Baltics, but this is not true.

The head of the Cabinet stressed that the best way to avoid an accident is not to get into the car, but it’s impossible to go anywhere that way. “It’s better to get into the car and drive wisely – keep the speed, look in the mirrors,” said Karins.

Due to the strict procedures for the control of money laundering (AML), Latvia is losing investments, the Prime Minister stressed.

Recall that Latvia was one of the first countries to offer relocation to companies from Belarus. One of the stumbling blocks in moving businesses is the difficulty in opening bank accounts.

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