Having been abroad, citizens of the Russian Federation must go home and stay there until they receive a negative test for COVID-19.

Russians Must Stay at Home After Traveling Abroad; As RBC notes , until now, Rospotrebnadzor has not specified exactly where residents of the country who have returned from abroad should be between testing and its results. Now, as follows from the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation Anna Popova, this issue has been clarified: Russians should spend this time at home.

The publication notes that in mid-July, Russia canceled the mandatory two-week isolation for Russians and foreigners entering the country. At the same time, the visitor had to present a medical document confirming a negative test for COVID-19, and if there was no such document, Russians and foreigners had to take a test for coronavirus in the country. In the case of a positive result, the visitor was sent to home quarantine until he recovered and received a negative test.

Prior to this, Popova stated that the epidemiological situation in Russia remains stable. She linked the increase in the number of cases with the return of vacationing citizens from abroad.

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