After studying the performance of publicly traded companies, the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CRSI) concluded that family-owned companies in the first half of 2020, which passed in the shadow of the coronavirus, performed better compared to “ordinary” ones.

As Interfax notes with reference to the study, the family business showed the best performance in all regions and sectors. Apparently, this is not a statistical phenomenon, but a certain pattern, since CRSI used data from more than a thousand public companies, where the founder or members of his family own at least 20% or control at least 20% of the votes.

“Family companies typically have above-average defensive characteristics that allow them to perform well, especially during periods of market tension,” the report quoted the agency as saying.

Also, in a survey of 200 family-owned public companies, Credit Suisse found that they were generally less concerned about their future than non-family businesses. During the pandemic, they also laid off their employees less often and paid more attention to social policy.

CRSI estimates that family-owned companies’ revenue growth since 2006 has been more than 200 basis points higher than that of other companies. Also, the authors note, such companies have better results in the field of environmental protection, social and corporate governance.

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