One of the largest banks in the world, HSBC, presented for the 12th time the ranking of the best countries in the world for work and residence of foreigners (expats). The study involved about 18,000 migrants.

According to the results, Switzerland became the leader this year. The majority of respondents (82%) noted an improvement in the quality of life after moving. Many expats have seen a significant increase in wages. In addition, survey participants consider political and economic stability in the country as a plus, as well as a comfortable living environment.

Second place in the list went to Singapore, which led the rankings for the previous four years. Respondents consider this state to be the best for moving with children, thanks to a developed school system.

Closes the “prize three” Canada. This country is considered one of the most hospitable.

Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Germany, UAE and Vietnam also made it to the top ten.

Overall, the study notes that about 71% of expats aged 18 to 34 were able to develop new skills, with an average salary increase of 35% when moving.

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