The canton of Basel has become the most attractive region in Switzerland for doing business. These are the findings of a study by Credit Suisse.

According to analysts, Basel has surpassed even the recognized leader, the canton of Zug, which has been in first place since 1997, in the ranking. A key factor in this success was the reduction of corporate tax in Basel to 13.04%. In addition, important components of leadership are the availability of transport routes and a highly skilled workforce.

Overall, the study notes that large cities such as Baden, Zurich, Zug, Basel, Lucerne and Bern remain the most attractive for corporations. First of all, this is due to the developed transport infrastructure.

At the same time, analysts believe that by 2025, Zug will be able to regain its first place due to the planned reduction in corporate tax to 12%.

Recall that in May, the Swiss in a referendum agreed to revise the taxation system. Many cantons have reduced their main tax rates to compensate for the need to eliminate special exemptions for multinational companies that locate offices and subsidiaries in Switzerland. The preferential tax regimes applicable to these companies will be abolished in 2020. Several cantons, such as Vaud and Basel, have already significantly reduced their tax rates.

In total, Credit Suisse evaluated 110 regions of the confederation, paying attention to the tax system for individuals and legal entities, special tax requirements (for example, lump sum payments), the availability of skilled labor and the development of transport infrastructure.

The least attractive cantons for business, according to experts, are Jura, Valais and Grisons.

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