Uber Riders Will Have to Take Selfies While Wearing a Mask; Uber is introducing new requirements due to the coronavirus: not only must all passengers wear medical masks, but henceforth, apparently, their presence will have to be proved by taking selfies.

Uber ‘s mask requirement has required all passengers to wear medical masks while traveling since the beginning of May, Hitech reports , citing the BBC, but now it is likely that the presence of a mask on the face will also have to be proved with selfies soon. The company announced that it is implementing a corresponding function in its application for ordering a taxi.

The portal explains that this is not about the fact that you will have to take a picture in a mask every time you call a taxi – only after a passenger without a mask after the driver’s message gets into the “black list”. Then for the next trip you will need to take a selfie.

The application is said to automatically recognize the presence of the mask. Drivers have been required to take a selfie wearing a mask before each exit to the line since May.

Until the end of September, this feature will be launched in North America, then they want to implement it in South and other regions.

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