Owners of real estate in Finland, even during the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to obtain a visa for the procedure for maintaining or repairing the property.

According to prian.ru , the Finnish Border Guard has published new rules for entering the country during COVID-19 due to various circumstances, and, as follows from them, the presence of real estate can be such a circumstance.

Namely, the need for urgent maintenance and / or repair procedures, the delay of which can lead to serious damage to the object. To obtain a visa on this basis, an individual (the rule applies only to people, not companies) must attach documents confirming the ownership of real estate to the application.

“Of course, we said that it would be better to allow the entire family of the property owner to enter, but basically one owner is allowed in, even if the property has several owners. The need for a visit must be proven at the border. For example, there is evidence that something has been broken or property structures have been destroyed. Something that cannot be fixed remotely by local services. For example, basic measures to maintain a house in the winter are not considered sufficient reason to cross the border, ”the portal quotes the Consul General of Finland in St. Petersburg, Anna Lammila, with reference to Fontanka.

Other reasons for obtaining a visa include the birth of a child, a serious illness of a close relative, one’s own wedding or stable partnership, and meeting one’s own minor child if he lives in Finland.

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