8382 former clients of the self-liquidating ABLV bank (since 2018) have not yet received state-guaranteed payments, and 75% of them are non-residents of Latvia.

According to Kaspars Jansons, member of the board of Citadele Bank (makes payments), 75 clients are entitled to a payment of 100 thousand euros, 33 clients have not received compensation on accounts ranging from 75 to 100 thousand, and 25 clients – from 50 to 75 thousand. 98% of them are non-residents.

The situation is different with payments of insignificant amounts. Thus, Citadele noted that 1138 clients did not receive payments up to 5 euros. In this segment, the share of residents prevails – 68%.

Even more former clients did not receive guaranteed payments in PNB Banka, closed at the end of 2019 due to insolvency. According to Jansons, there are 15,629 of them. Unlike ABLV, the majority (96%) are residents.

Guaranteed deposits from 75 to 100 thousand euros from PNB were not chosen by 22 clients, from 50 to 75 thousand euros – by another 22 clients. The majority (66%) are non-residents.

Deposits up to 5 euros were not chosen by 7390 former clients of PNB Banka.

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