The Latvian Tax Service announced the detention in Riga of passengers of a private jet who were carrying large amounts of cash – presumably of illegal origin.

The State Revenue Service (SRS) of Latvia detained four citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Riga from Odessa on a private plane. Each had a large amount of cash with him: one was carrying $200,000, another $300,000, a third €100,000, and a fourth €300,000. In total, if you convert dollars into European currency at the official rate, 846 thousand, reports .

Due to the fact that when declaring the detainees indicated incorrect information, the Tax and Customs Police Department of the SRS had suspicions about the illegal origin of the funds. In addition, it is believed that one of the detainees is associated with organized crime in Ukraine.

Recently, the same structure, the Tax and Customs Police Department of the SRS, initiated three criminal proceedings on the false declaration of 703,000 euros and the possible laundering of large-scale proceeds of crime. The money was found on the passengers of Moscow-Riga flights.

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